Welcome to Ashburn Lacrosse Website. Home of the Bandits. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide the children of Ashburn, Virginia the opportunity to learn and play Lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet.

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US Lacrosse Membership
Is your son or daughter a member of US Lacrosse?  They have...
New Names for Boys Divisions
Update on BOYS age divisions.  Our league (Northern Virginia...


by posted 02/12/2017
US Lacrosse Membership

Is your son or daughter a member of US Lacrosse?  They have an extremely worthwhile membership program for kids under 15 that not only have benefits to you, but to your child!  Your son or daughter will have access to awesome member events and receive a subscription to US Lacrosse​ magazine, but in addition, as a parent, you'll have piece of mind knowing your child has coverage for accidental injury - both medical and dental!  Coaches are eligible for coverage too.....because you never know when a stray ball is going to hit (or where)! 



by posted 01/06/2017
New Names for Boys Divisions

Update on BOYS age divisions.  Our league (Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League, NVYLL) has adopted the following name-change for the boys divisions:

New Name Prior Name Born After Born Before
14U U15 8/31/2001 9/1/2003
12U U13 8/31/2003 9/1/2005
10U U11 8/31/2005 9/1/2007
8U U9 8/31/2007 9/1/2009

This is a name-change ONLY!  Divisions are the same age groups as previous years.

Also, this name-change does not follow US Lacrosse's recent guidance for boys age divisions.  That guidance came too late for the league to adopt.

For now, the U7 group will maintain the same name, though you may see 6U in the future.  U7 is not part of NVYLL but part of a collection of near-by clubs called Loudoun Lacrosse.

Please email ashburnbanditslax@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Go Bandits!!

by posted 12/05/2016
Bandits In Action!
Field Status
Belmont Station ES - Ashburn TBD (2/20) 
Eagle Ridge - Ashburn TBD (2/20) 
Evergreen Sportsplex - Leesburg OPEN (2/20) 
Hampshire Park Lower - Ashburn TBD (2/20) 
Hampshire Park Upper - Ashburn TBD (2/20) 
Mills Run ES - Broadlands TBD (2/20) 
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